Sony Announces EX-1, ZX-1 and XEL-1 TVs at IFA 2008

Sony wants to be the number one TV company by the year 2010.  To that end, they’ve announced three sexy new products today at IFA.

The Bravia EX-1 PictureFrame television is a wall-mountable LCD television that utilizes wireless HDMI to reduce cables going to your set.  It’s designed to look good on your wall, as though a piece of art.  The wireless HDMI has a range of about 30 meters, so you can tuck that little white box under the couch or in the closet.

The Bravia ZX-1 uses edge-mounted LEDs to get a display only 9.9 millimeters thick.  It also uses wireless HDMI and has a 200Hz display for even crisper motion presentation.

The Bravia XEL-1 is Sony’s OLED offering, boasting a 3 mm thick display and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio.  It also measures response time in micro seconds, rather than milliseconds.