Toshiba showing its green side at IFA 2008

Green is still a buzzword worth marketing and Toshiba is showing off its environment friendly products at this years IFA. The companies LCD power consumption is being slashed by 20% over ’06 model levels and are more of the flat panel displays are LED backlit. By 2010, Toshiba will no longer be manufacturing incandescent lamps and thus cutting CO2 emissions even more. The Portégé R500 series of notebook PCs even receive some ‘green’ upgrades too and are now producing 69g less CO2 than the 2650 Dynabook model. Lastly, Toshiba’s amazing 90-recharged-in-less-than-five-minutes-SCiB battery rounds up the tree hugging coverage. 

 I am all for so-called Green technology as long as it doesn’t hinder other breakthroughs. Agreed?