Westinghouse to offer first LCD HDTV mashup

Westinghouse is putting on some big britches today with the announcement of the 40-inch VK-40F580D. It’s an LCD HDTV/DVD player combo with full 1080p resolution. That’s really all it has going for it other than a USB port to view photos from a thumb drive or digital camera. Although, the price point isn’t too bad for a full 1080p television at $1,049. Specs after the jump.

The VK-40F580D features:

· 1080Pure™ for 1080p resolution out of all HD connectors
· Smart Front Slot Load DVD player that upconverts standard DVD’s to 1080p
· Multiple HD input connectors including 2 HDMI with Westinghouse’s innovative SpineDesign construction for clutter-free cable management
· An ATSC/NTSC/ClearQAM tuner
· Preset and custom video modes for an exceptional viewing experience
· User-friendly Autosource feature with Autowake and Autoswitch with DVD insertion
· MSRP: $1,049