DVDO EDGE upscales everything to 1080p just for you

DVDO has a rich heritage of fine upscalers and the companies latest is hopefully isn’t different. The EDGE takes video via six HDMI 1.3a ports, two component, one composite, or S-Vid inputs and does some internal scaling wizardry, only to send the now 1080p image over two of HDMI 1.3a outputs. If you have scoffed at scalers in the past, these are the real deal my friend. I have spent a good amount of time with DVDO’s previous generation and can tell you that they can make a huge difference in terms of picture quality. The MSRP for the latest is $799, which clocks in a lot cheaper than the current models. (iScan VP50 Pro MSRP is $3,499) We’ll spend sometime time with the EDGE next week at CEDIA and see if this inexpensive scaler will still make a difference or is just an over-priced HDMI switcher.

AnchorBay via CEPro