Hitachi fridge emits Vitamin C to keep frozen food fresh

Hitachi announced in Japan [JP] they will start selling the R-Y6000, a new refrigerator capable of emitting Vitamin C to keep stored food fresh, on September 24. The fridge is Nippon-only at this point.

Hitachi sells a number of fridges on the Japanese market that lower the oxygen density via an integrated pump. But the R-Y6000 additionally is eqipped with a Vitamin C emission system that slows down the loss of nutrients in vegetables and of DHA in fish. Hitachi also promises that meat will keep its color longer. The company also integrated a sterilization filter into the fridge to prevent mold.

Hitachi’s 6-door fridge has a volume of 602 liters and will cost $3,100. 3,000 units will be produced monthly.