How not to hide from CCTV cameras

There’s been a lot of lip service paid about hiding from CCTV cameras using LEDs and IR lamps. Well, randolfo on Instructables just showed us that none of those solutions work and, in fact, will make you stand out even more.

Towards this end, I lined the hood of a hoodie with 10 high-intensity IR LEDs all the while documenting the project to share with others. In fact, I was super-excited to share this project with others when I was done with it. So, modeling my project after those that came before me, I inserted the LEDs, wired them up, plugged it in and took a picture of myself with a camera modified to view IR light. When I flipped the camera around to look at the picture, the first thing I noticed was that it hadn’t worked. Instead of creating a halo of light in place of my head, I looked like I was wearing a sweatshirt lined with Christmas lights.

Sweatshirt lined with Christmas lights != safety from improper search and seizure.