Ok Someone At Google Is Just Messing With My Head

A couple of days ago I posted an email that I received from Google letting me know that I wouldn’t be able to attend a Google/Vanity Fair party at the Democratic National Convention that I never knew about and didn’t ask to go to. Other people who also didn’t know about the party received the same email.

Today I get another email, also from Google, inviting me to attend the mirror party at the Republican Convention in Minneapolis next Thursday. Is this for real or are they just going to cancel on me again? Get out of my head, Google. I will not be fooled into RSVPing only to have you kick me out later. :-) Email is below:

Google and Vanity Fair invite you to celebrate the closing night of the Republican Convention!

Thursday, September 4th
9:00 pm > onward
Walker Art Center
1750 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota

RSVP: www.google.com/[removed]. Please do not respond to this email.

By Invitation Only and non-transferable – please do not forward this message.

An admission card is required for entrance. You will receive a confirmation email before the convention with instructions on where to pick up your admission card in Minneapolis.

You are receiving this email based upon a personal recommendation by someone at Google or affiliated with Google. If you are not interested in attending, we apologize for sending you this email.