Android: T-Mobile to sell how many G1s?

According to the AndroidGuys, T-Mobile is shooting to make the G1 the best selling device of the year with only 2-3 months left in the year. The numbers are looking a little like this:

* 200,000 gross adds
* 40,000 incremental adds
* 278,000 renewals

There’s also talk of a pre-sale sometime in September. According to TmoNews it’s going to the 17th. They’re saying 60k will be up for sale while the AndroidGuys say 25k.Unless you’re in a T-Mo 3G area then I wouldn’t worry about it, but I know you guys won’t care.

More importantly let’s talk about how much the first Android device will cost.

* Invoice Price: $399
* New customer price: $200 + $35 activation fee (2-year agreement, no mail-in rebates to mess with)
* Full discount for upgrades: $200 + $18 standard upgrade fee
* Partial upgrade cost: $350 + $18 standard upgrade fee
* Pre-Sale upgrade for full discount: $150 + $18 UF
* Pre-Sale upgrade for partial discount: $300 + $18 UF

Who’s excited? I totally am.