Here's that Samsung YouTube camcorder


In addition to having TVs as far as they eye can see, Samsung has that YouTube camcorder, the SC-MX20, on display at IFA 2008. I understand that PR folks are there to tell you how great everything is, but if Robet Scoble’s producer can come away with the impression that it’s a useful little camera—we all walked the show floor a bit together, yay—, then I’m sure it’s good enough for most of us.

As you already know, the camcorder records video at 720×480, and is able to record in an optimized YouTube mode. Basically, it records at a native YouTube resolution and FPS, so nothing is “lost” when you upload the video. That’s useful for, well, people like us, grabbing quick video clips of odds and ends and then uploading them from the floor of an airport or something.

She uses H.264 compression, and everything is wrapped up in an AVI container. Samsung only wants $280 for this, which is more than reasonable, I think.