TwitterLeague – Race your friends to twitter stardom

From Ollie Parsley, the guy who created FeedMorf, a site we covered last year comes a new service called twitterleague, right now in invite-only beta.

Basically it’s about competing in a league with other Twitter users – say, friends – to get the most followers. The leagues can then be put on a site using a snippet of JavaScript or you can get an XML feed to create your own customised look and feel. For instance, the Diggnation league features Kevin Rose and co-star Alex Albrecht.

We have an invite code for 100 Techcrunch UK & Ireland readers to use: “tcuk”

Just don’t expect this to become the next Google, but it’s fun all the same. And don’t use it as an excuse to “spam follow” people, eh?

Here’s an example league I threw together: