Back to School week at CrunchGear

Welcome, children. Please find your seats. This year is very important for you all. It’s the year HD formats have settled comfortably into the mainstream and console gaming is at its apex. PCs are falling by the wayside for most of you and laptops – and ultralight netbooks – are become an interesting addition to your arsenal. We’re living in an era of cellular revolution and all of you want iPhones but don’t want to spend big buck. Finally, you’re not buying what your parents tell you to buy.

So welcome to CrunchGear’s Back to School week. We’ll try to produce a few stories this week that will offer tips on buying gear and gadgets for school. We won’t pretend that you have money to burn or that you need a 42-inch TV in your dorm room. We know you probably already went shopping last week but here’s what you should buy when mom and dad are exhausted on the couch and they tell you to go get a laptop, a cellphone, or some software – after all, you know this stuff better than they do anyway.