Dell Inspiron ‘Mini 9’ netbook available this Friday?


Dell’s netbook, the Inspiron Mini 9 (formerly the E-Slim), will apparently come out this Friday. And with that, Dell joins the long line of companies to promise something by the end of summer but not ship it until early fall. Apparently the hold up has been because of the magical keyboard but other factors may have been at play as well.

Whatever the case, it appears to almost be here. Rumors about a $300 starting price tag have been bandied about and, with Dell, that might actually be possible. Acer’s entry-level netbook is now down to $329, so Dell would just have to shave another $30 off somewhere. If you’ve waited this long to buy your first netbook, waiting a little longer until the end of the week might be a good idea.

[via Gizmodo]