Google Chrome: It’s really, really fast


Just fired up Google Chrome, Google’s new web browser. I haven’t had a chance to really dig into it yet, but I’ve noticed that it feels really, really fast. Almost like I’m loading up cached pages offline. Google Reader, especially, feels super quick.

I’ve noticed a couple of little CSS oddities here and there (YouTube videos are centered in our posts when using Firefox but left-aligned in Chrome, for instance) but other than that, it’s been humming along pretty nicely.

But enough about me. How are those of you who have already downloaded and installed Chrome liking it so far? Good? Bad? Think you’ll keep using it?

Update from Devin: It lacks a home button, which isn’t such a big deal until you think about how useful they’re trying to make their “speed dial” thing. I have a personalized, extremely useful home page that I go back to in already-open tabs all the time. I also am addicted to gestures and there are none in Chrome, so while it’s clearly super fast, it’s not very productive for me in this form. What do you guys think?
Update 2: Found the home button, I was just being stupid. I would like gestures, though. And the bookmark bar buttons should close if you click them twice or otherwise act like menus. Scrolling doesn’t seem to obey my universal settings of three text lines per “notch” or equivalent. Fast as hell though.