IFA 2008 Overload: Televisions

I used to think that my local Best Buy had a lot of televisions on display.  Then I attended IFA.  Each vendor’s stand has dozens — sometimes hundreds — of TVs up and running.  It’s enough to make the eyes glaze over.  Samsung had the largest display of TVs, pictured above.  More Samsung and others after the jump.

After the gigantic display at the entrance to the Samsung stand, their array of options looks almost sedate:

Metz had a tower o’ screens:

Toshiba chose to go horizontal with their display, with a long corridor lined with TVs.

Haier, for some reason, didn’t have many of their sets actually turned on.

As beautiful and eye-catching as most of the displays were, I have to hand it to Beko for their catchy slogan, “Buy it before it becomes famous”!

All of the television manufacturers will have a real challenge differentiating themselves from one another, as they’re all pushing slim, less-power hungry sets with increased speeds.  Will consumers care?