Loewe Packs Features into Minimalist Design

The Loewe stand at IFA caught my eye for two reasons.  The image above struck my funny bone, and the image below filled me with deep techno-lust.  At a show filled with televisions that all looked very much alike, Loewe had on display a number of sleek, stylish televisions that really stood out from the crowd.

Like many other companies at IFA, Loewe was touting their own whole-house networked media solution, evidenced by the first photo above.  Their Connect line of televisions include built-in LAN and WLAN, along with the expected USB ports and is positioned to be the display component for the media backend.  The Loewe Reference Mediacenter digital hub contains a hidden Blu-Ray player, iPod dock, and an RS-232 port for connection to home automation systems.  One notable feature of the Reference Mediacenter is that it uses mirrored hard disks to protect your digital media from any single drive failure.  Another benefit is that it speaks UPnP so it can, in theory, integrate with home media devices from other vendors.

The Reference Mediacenter is slated for public availability in summer of 2009.