Luxul Wireless Pro-WAV 100 signal booster

Do you know how big of an area 10,000 square feet is? Big. Like almost two football fields big. Bigger than my apartment, for sure. So if I got this new Pro-WAV 100 from Luxul Wireless I could feed my entire city block WiFi signals. Not that I would want to mind you. But a high performance WiFi system certainly does have its uses. The company has their signal technologies installed in nationwide truck stop chains, hospitals and hotels.

Today the company unveiled their latest system, the Pro-WAV 100 Series. The ceiling mounted wireless system can cover up to 10,000 square feet and is compatible with any 802.11 radio (radio not included). The system is available with a choice of 500mW or 1W Shock-WAV WiFi Signal Booster.

If you got yourself a truck stop that is need of some serious WiFi coverage, you gotta shoot them a note. Pricing and availability are not available, but they’d be glad to hear from you.