Sanyo presents 4 new, partly "green" Eneloop products

Sanyo Japan [JP] today unveiled a number of new Eneloop products that will go on sale in Japan on October 10th (no word on availability outside this country yet).

The Eneloop Solar Light [JP] (pictured above) is equipped with Sanyo’s self-developed “HIT solar cell” and ready for use in areas without power supply or during emergency situations. The device, which can be used as both a room and flash light, comes with a USB port for charging cell phones. It’s also splash-proof ( the light received the IPX4 mark). Price: $146.

Sanyo updated its solar-powered hand warmer, the so-called Eneloop Kairo and introduced the Eneloop Soft Warmer, an “electric blanket” [JP]. The Kairo (weight: 50g) will warm your hand from both of its sides for up to 5 hours and is powered by two AA batteries. The so-called Soft Warmer is splash-proof (IPX4) and works for up to 3.5 hours with one charge (but it can also be plugged into AC power sockets).
Prices: $37 for the Kairo and $138 for the Anka.

Sanyo also improved the Eneloop Anka [JP], a rechargeable, cordless warmer (shaped like a cushion) for home use. The Anka will work for up tp 12 hours after one charge (charging time: 3.5 hours). Sanyo says it’s portable but it actually weighs 1.2kg. The Anka will be priced between $90 and $120.