Sony intros a super-cute, Japan-only and waterproof Bravia TV

Sony Japan today added the XDV-W600 [JP], a mini TV (145×42×98mm, 302g) to their Bravia brand. The new device is waterproof and supports the Japanese digital TV standard One-Seg.

The 4-inch LCD TV (16.7 million colors, 272×480 resolution) boasts an IPX7 and IPX6 waterproof rating, meaning that you can theoretically watch TV under water (at a depth of up to 1m) for around 30 minutes. After a full charge (internal battery and two AA batteries), the XDV-W600 can be used for 23 hours.

The mini Bravia also features an AM/FM tuner and 2GB of internal memory, enough to record about 10 hours digital TV broadcasts.

The Japan-only XDV-W600 goes on sale October 30th (in pink, blue and white) and costs $370.

In Nippon, Panasonic has actually been selling Mini Viera TVs (also waterproof) since June this year.