World's first THX certified door announced today

This is first residential home theater dubbed Ambleside and it’s located in Hillsborough, CA. This is the type of setup that’s perfect for Serious Materials door. Ambleside is also rigged with QuietRock material from SM.

Attention serious home theater buffs:

The door of your dreams has finally arrived. Today, Serious Materials announced the world’s first THX certified soundproof door and it’s not one of those metal acoustic doors you see everywhere else. The QuietHome has an STC rating of 50 and is only 2.25-inches thick. If you’re really crazy then you can order two doors and put them back-to-back with a three-foot air gap for an STC rating of 80. You’ll likely be looking at a price tag of $2,500 for the THX certified model, but there is a lower end model, STC 44, that isn’t THX certified starting around $1,000. What makes these doors so special?

The new QuietHome Doors incorporate Serious’ proprietary viscoelastic polymer-based
constrained layer damped system, a multi-layer design and advanced seals throughout the
door edge.