Back to School: Dorm room HDTVs and entertainment

Picking the right TV to pimp out your dorm is important. You don’t want to be the poor kid, sporting a tube TV but then again, you don’t want to spend all that open house cash just on a plasma. I’ve got a few solutions that will work nicely with your understandably low budget.

EyeTV Hybrid

Already have a Mac and want to use it as your HDTV? Check out the EyeTV hybrid. Plugs into a USB 2.0 slot and picks up ClearQAM and ATSC signals. PC users might want to check out Pinnacle’s PCTV HD Pro Stick for a similar option.


What dorm room doesn’t have the latest gaming gear stacked up on milk crates? A few hundred dollars will certainly increase your popularity in the projects. Chicks dig guys with a PS3. Trust us, they do.

Insignia 26-inch 720p LCD with DVD player and PC input

Could this $449 Best Buy house name LCD be one of the best dorm room bargains out there? It features a space-saving DVD player, a PC input, and a decent size of 26-inches. 


Who cares if the HDTV is used. Your buddy is probably going to spill his beer on it anyways.

Kensington locks.

All of the above items have the Kensington lock port. This is the same locking solution that laptops have had for ages, and while the cable lock will not stop a serious klepto, it will prevent causal walk-offs. Spend $30 bucks and lock your crap up.

Bonus: SunBrightTV

If these LCDs can handle rain, insects, and extreme temperatures, they should be able to survive your frat house. The 32-inch run $3,299 so I don’t think they will make the dorm room though.