Ghostbusters 2GB USB flash drive, yes with movie

Well here’s a new one by me. A movie released on a USB flash drive. The press release says it’s the first time a full-length feature has been released in this manner. Not a bad idea, really. Especially because it is Ghostbusters.

While the video game has been on a shaky road as it finds its way onto consoles, this Ghostbusters-branded flash drive is supposedly available starting, now. But I can’t find it up on their website just yet.

Either way, this looks like a reality. Just look at that picture right there. Sweet. So as to not further confuse the Ghostbusters franchise we have this awesomely serious sounding quote from Andy Armstrong, UK, Managing Director for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment:

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is delighted to partner with PNY to offer the first full length movie preloaded on a USB flash drive and ready to play on your PC/Laptop. We are committed to giving the consumer more choice in how to experience their movies either at home or on the go.

Despite the video game being passed around like a bag of Stay Puft Marshmallows, I still hold hope that it will kick some serious ass. I’d be all over this flash drive too if I needed one. Or a copy of the movie.