Nokia N96 now shipping: Who *doesn't* want one, really?


The Nokia N96 is now shipping, for the before-subsidy (if you find any) price of 550 Euros, or about $794. An $800 cellphone? I guess that’s why Nokia is wisely calling it a “multimedia computer.”

To be fair, just looking at the specs sorta makes me say, “iPhone, what’s that?” Built-in 5-megapixel camera and 16GB memory (expandable to 24GB with microSD cards), live video, proper speakers, etc. It’s like, if all you’ve used is the iPhone and think that’s the pinnacle of mobile devices, interface aside, you might want to expand your horizon a bit.

Anyway, it’s shipping today. Seeing as though I just started using my N76 like it’s meant to be used, I eagerly await hanging out with people who have money so I can play with one for a few minutes. Dare to dream.