Oh, real funny! Yesterday’s Belkin JoyPod thing is fake


Disregard this post from yesterday about the Belkin JoyPod except for the part where I said “it’s absolutely possible that it could be phony” and the other part about taking this info with a grain of salt because yes, my friends, she’s a fake.

I shoulda known, too, because the language used on the fake material looks totally made up. I’ve never seen such an odd mishmash of letters! At any rate, the lovely and pleasant-tempered Belkin PR Manager, Melody Chalaban, just sent over the following:

Hi Doug,

Saw your post on the Belkin "JoyPod," and I want to note that he “JoyPod” is not a Belkin product, but simply a false rumor.  We have no plans to release such a product. But, if you know who started this rumor, tell them to call us!

I don’t know who started this rumor but mark my words: It’ll be a cold day in H-E-double-toothpicks before he or she ever steps foot inside the Internet again. Anyway, sorry for the confusion and sorry to get the…um… zero of you who commented on yesterday’s story all riled up.