Amazon to start selling OLPC's XO Laptop this November; dual boot version next month

xoamazon 1

The OLPC program just got a lot more mainstream, with word that Amazon will start selling the XO Laptop starting in November. It’ll be sold as part of the “Give One, Get One” program, meaning that for every XO Laptop you buy, one lucky youngster in a developing country will get one, too. (You’re actually paying for two laptops.) You’re doing charitable work with literally zero extra effort on your part.

What’s sorta weird is that the sales are currently only scheduled to continue through the end of December. Guess they’re counting on people’s Christmas Cheer, and rampant credit card debt, to help out the OLPC program. Nothing wrong with that, I guess.

In other OLPC news, it looks like a version of the XO Laptop that ships with, and dual boots into, Linux and Windows XP, is scheduled to ship in the next month (or so). That’s what an OLPC rep has said, adding that the new dual boot XO Laptop should help speed adoption rates around the world.