In which we eventually learn that Acer's G24 gaming monitor is pretty ok


Oh God, four pages devoted to a monitor review. The Acer G24, that is, a 24-inch widescreen monitor designed for gamers. It’s got a 1,600×1,200 native resolution. It’s got the magic HDCP thing going for it, so you’ll be able to play back all your Blu-ray movies without a hitch.

The key setence from bit-tech’s review: “If the G24 doesn’t exactly blitz objective test suites, its real world performance is much more acceptable, especially for its gaming remit.”

Bam, it’s a gaming monitor, and it performs more than acceptably. What more do you need, stats and so forth? Not me, friends. Give me the gist and I’m golden.

And the gist of it is, apparently, the Acer G24 is pretty good. Works for me.