New Football Manager features to be unveiled via YouTube today [Updated]

Now there’s a football manager who knows his stuff

Football (soccer) fans should keep their eyes on YouTube today as Sega and Sports Interactive will be showing off some of the new features you can expect in Football Manager 2009, both the console and handheld versions. The Sports Interactive folks promise a few “revolutionary” features, as well as the standard evolutionary ones; good to see they’ve got all their bases covered.

Admittedly, football management is a bit wonkish even for me—4-4-2 or Christmas tree, etc.—but there’s gotta be a few stat heads who enjoy the sport. This game is for them.

And yes, we’ll have the videos here after they’ve been uploaded. Till then, be sure to put on your Fabio Capello and Jose Mourinho hats.

Well! Sports Interactive, true to their word, uploaded the videos yesterday. You can find them on YouTube, or right here.

That’s part one up there. Part two is below.

And, as I just realized/remembered, there’s not console version this time around, just a PC version. Apparently the devs weren’t too satisfied with the console interface last time around.