Quick and dirty free airport web surfing trick

wifi-logoRaise your hand if you like paying $10 or so for 24 hours of airport Internet access that you’re only going to use for 15 minutes.

While I certainly wouldn’t suggest that you use this trick for endless, free web surfing on a for-pay wireless network, maybe your conscience would allow you to just quickly jump on to grab your e-mail or some music for your MP3 player before you board.

Debuggable Ltd has the full story, but the basic gist is that when you open up your web browser in most airports that charge for wireless access, you’re re-routed to the service’s sign-up and payment page. The trick is to enter the web address you’d like to visit and add “?.jpg” to the end of the URL.

So you would go to http://www.crunchgear.com/?.jpg for instance. Apparently these for-pay networks don’t block image files (yet), so you’re able to slip through the cracks this way. The guy who discovered this even used a Greasemonkey script for Firefox to automatically append “?.jpg” to every URL he visited. Clever, no?

[Debuggable Ltd via Digg]