Spore reviews are in, Editor's Choice awards all-around

I may not understand the appeal of Spore but our very own Greglet (Greg Kumparak) had this to say,

No matter what anyone says, Spore will be successful. It’ll sell a shit ton of copies, and eat thousands upon thousands of hours that would be better focused on the real world.

Gaming editors around the country seem to agree and have given the EA title favorable scores.

IGN’s Jason Ocampo gave it an 8.8/10, which garnered IGN.com Editor’s Choice award.

I think that Maxis has made an impressive product that does so many incredible things. Spore will serve as an introduction to gaming for many; it’s clear that many nontraditional gamers will check it out. As such, this feels sort of like a sampler plate to gaming, introducing newcomers to the different types of gameplay out there. But much more than that, Spore will make you think about science, and when was the last time you could say that about a game? It’ll inspire people to learn more about the universe and imagine what’s possible out there. Spore also pushes the idea of user-generated content to incredible new heights; this is a game where users will make the vast majority of things that you encounter, and this creation and sharing is done seamlessly.

Yet while Spore is an amazing product, it’s just not quite an amazing game. I can’t help but feel that Spore is ambitious and memorable, but I also admit that, save for the cool Space Stage, there’s not a lot of depth here. Rookie gamers are going to feel at home here, but veteran gamers may feel like they need more. Still, Spore proves to be one of the most unique products in recent memory, one that reaches for the stars and ends up giving us a universe in a box.

Gamespot gave it an 8/10 while Gamespy gave it a 9/10. And not to exclude our nerd brethren across the pond we’ll throw in Eurogamer‘s score as well, which was a 9/10.