Automated house construction

Wouldn’t it be great if things could just build their own damn selves? Just press the button and walk away. I’m not talking about some small injection molder churning out car parts; think bigger than that. No, not cars. Bigger. Houses.

More details and a cool vid after the jump.

Contour Crafting is the name of the technology behind the concept. Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis of the University of Southern California developed the layered fabrication method. By integrating robotics into the construction process, structures can be built up layer-by-layer. A sort of concrete-dispensing nozzle runs a set pattern, depositing the building material as it goes. Eventually, a structure emerges.

When you consider the method being utilized to create structures on say, the moon, then the usefulness becomes apparent. Send this contraption ahead of a landing party, have it build up some structures and then we saunter along ready to move into our brand new moon-condos. All we would need to feel at home would be a houseplant in the corner. Oh, and some breathable air would be nice too.

via BotJunkie