Helio is back and powered by Virgin Mobile

Helio always had pimp-ass mobile phones and it was kind of sad watching them slowly die, still clenching some of the best handsets in the States. Virgin Mobile picked up the struggling service provider a few months ago and today, launched the new brand.

Today, Virgin Mobile USA unveiled its new branding message to highlight the acquisition: “Helio By Virgin Mobile: Plan To Have It All.”

Right out of the gate, Helio by Virgin Mobile (got to use the right name) is launching a new phone dubbed the Shuttle. It’s just to bad that the press release didn’t announce any more info ’bout the handset including price or manufacturer. Also, the $80 A La Carte plan is bumping up from 1500 minutes to unlimited which is available to both current and future subscribers. Hopefully more good is to come from the Virgin acquisition.