Sony A900 finally official, still not here until November


The Sony Alpha A900 DSLR, which some people might feel like they’ve been waiting for forever, has finally been officially unveiled by Sony. Pre-orders for the $3,000 24.6-megapixel camera begin tomorrow, September 10th, but it won’t be shipping until sometime in November.

The A900, according to Sony, “is designed to deliver ultra-fine picture quality with the world’s highest resolution, 24.6-megapixel, 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor and fast image processing with a new dual BIONZ® processing engines. The camera is also the first to have a body-integrated image stabilization system for a full-frame sensor with Sony’s SteadyShot® Inside anti-shake system.” Those of you who need such accoutrements know who you are and hopefully have at least $3,000 around.

Be sure to set aside some more coin for the premium lenses that Sony announced today as well.



The SAL1635ZA (above, top) is a super wide angle lens suited for landscape, snapshot, and indoor photography and will cost a knee-buckling $1,800. The SAL70400G lens (above, bottom) is a 5.7x super telephoto zoom lens is best-suited for sports, action, and wildlife photography. It’ll cost slightly less at $1,500.

Both lenses won’t be available until January of next year, so you’ll have to patiently bide your time until then.