Zune comments on Apple announcement

We just got this in from a Microsoft representative on today’s not-so-rocking Apple event. I’m ready to join the Social, BTW.

“Apple is forcing people to pick and choose within their product line and hope that the software features they want are included in the hardware that best fits their lifestyle. In contrast, all Zune customers have the opportunity to take advantage of features like wireless access to the Zune Marketplace, the ability to “Buy from FM” radio, stream music from the Zune Marketplace wirelessly to the player, subscribe to music “channels”, wirelessly sync their device to their PC and much more. Zune customers have the ability to get intelligent recommendations and custom channels from the Zune software based on the music that you and your friends are actually listening to. Zune included an FM tuner and wireless capabilities into all the devices from the first generation forward because we believe all of our customers should benefit from great hardware coupled with powerful software features. The bottom line is, we believe that software and services are really the foundation for creating innovative experiences in this space, and that’s where you’ll continue to see Zune differentiate from competitors.”

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