Fracture demo going live September 18 for Xbox 360

Lucas Arts’ upcoming Fracture title won’t be available for retail until October 7th in the US, but everyone will get a chance to play, if you’re on XBL, on September 18th.

LucasArts announced today that they will release the official demo of their upcoming action game Fracture on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network on Thursday, September 18. The demo will introduce players to the revolutionary gameplay behind Terrain Deformation, a key gameplay mechanic that allows for the dynamic creation of on-the-fly cover and geographic manipulation.

Developed in partnership with Chicago-based Day 1 Studios, Fracture takes place in the year 2161 in a United States plagued by disaster. Years of environmental neglect have split the nation in two and resulted in two conflicting ways of life. Survivors of the Atlantic Alliance have turned to cybernetics and technology, while the Pacifican States in the West have turned to stem cell research and genetic engineering for a better way of life. These two conflicting ideologies come to a head in a deadly civil war for not only the fate of the free world, but also the future of mankind itself.

Utilize the power of Terrain Deformation to create cover, solve puzzles and revolutionize battlefield tactics as you guide Atlantic Alliance soldier Jet Brody in his quest to quell the Pacifican uprising through an exciting single player campaign that begins in the now-dried-out San Francisco bay, and traverses the ravaged country.

When the game ships to retail you will also be able to test your mettle in over-the-top multiplayer modes where nonstop action meet Terrain Deformation for brutal 12-player battles in modes specifically built for Fracture and TD technology.