Japanese company sells emergency shoes

Does anyone remember the shoe lights Al Bundy invented in one classic episode of Married with Children? These new shoes, specifically designed for use in desaster situations, might even be better. And they are even purchasable, at least for Japanese people.

The so-called emergency shoes [JP] are extra-stiff so that falling objects (think of an earthquake in Tokyo) or feet of people dashing around in panic can’t harm your tiptoes. Owners will be able to walk on broken glass and other surfaces without any problems because of the special soles (which are 0.45 mm thick).

One of the disaster prevention shoes weighs just 400g (for a size of 27.5cm). If you find yourself in dark areas, just turn on the LED light the shoes are equipped with (lifespan: 20 hours). Buyers will also get a small whistle, a hand towel and a vinyl bag.

The set costs $90 but is (of course) only available in Japan.