NBC back on iTunes because Apple caved to network's demands

nbcitunesback 1

NBC shows being on iTunes isn’t a case of NBC begging Apple to let it come back, but a case of Apple caving into some of NBC’s demands. Let’s all predict Apple’s imminent demise!

NBC left iTunes last year because Apple didn’t let it set its own prices for its content. That has now changed. NBC said that it’ll be selling certain, older TV shows for 99 cents a pop versus the “normal,” Apple-set price of $1.99. NBC is also toying with the idea of creating “best of” collections that it would sell at a price of its choosing. For example, maybe the five best episodes of The Office for $5 instead of $10.

Consumers, so far, actually come out on top in this arrangement.

As far as the bigger picture goes, this means that Apple doesn’t quite have the stranglehold over Hollywood that many have thought in the past. Though you wonder why NBC even bothered with going back to iTunes if it’s so confident in Hulu.