Sweet Leaf medium format digital cameras released, cost as much as a Subaru

I’ve always been somewhat afraid of medium format. When my friend was shooting medium format film, it seemed like such a hassle, but when I saw the shots I could see why people do it. I think it’s probably the same deal for medium format digital. What are you going to do with 56 megapixels and 16-bit color depth? But there’s something about having that amount of data, setting up your shots, and getting something picture-perfect, so to speak. I guess that’s why they use these things for like fashion and product photography — they can make anything look beautiful.

These new Leaf cameras
have big 3.5″ swiveling touchscreens, many megapixels, excellent color depth, and their sensors range in size from 56x36mm to 44x33mm. I’m pretty sure they’re very, very nice. And that’s why they start at $20,000.
[via SlashGear]