Wireless ATSC-equipped TVs coming from Epoq

Now that the digital transition is just months away, and already happened in some parts, analog, handheld TVs are going to stop working. You know, the type of TVs you used to sneak into church overnighters and ‘hunting trips.’ Epoq is here to make sure that you can continue to see the game even if you’re in the middle of the lake ‘fishing’ with these three new models.

The 7-inch EPT-LC7AT (pictured above) is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a resolution of 480p and sells for $279. 

The 10-inch EPT-LC10AT is going to sport a 480×800 resolution screen and have the same functions mentioned above. Pricing isn’t released yet.

The 7-inch EDP-AT02 losses the battery but gains picture frame capabilities by way of a USB 2.0 port or SD/MS/MMC slots. This option will sell for $249.

TWICE image via gadgetcraver.com