Confirmed: 2G Touch is totally worth it

I picked up five 32GB iPod Touches yesterday at the Apple store – we gave away some at TC50 and our benefactor Michael Arrington wanted two – and I can confirm that the Touch is worth looking into if you’re hunting for all the power of the iPhone without all the “cancer,” “dropped calls,” and “service charges.” Not that cellphones give you cancer, but there’s always a possibility.

After working with it briefly at the event on Tuesday I wasn’t convinced that the Nano 4G was an interesting update but was feeling lots of love to the new Touch. Now that I have it and have been using it for a day or so I’m pleased to report my initial impressions were correct.

The Nike+ iPod application is great – it’s just what I expected and it works seamlessly with the little Nike puck. Most of the applications work except for the G.P.S. based ones. The built-in map “fake” G.P.S. is abysmal though – it thought I was Boston last night when I was clearly in San Francisco.

The device is also extremely thin – thinner than the 1G model – and nice and responsive. Sadly, it’s a horrible fingerprint magnet. I expect to rub off the chrome very shortly. If you have a Classic or a Nano and want something to watch movies on and, to a degree, exercise with, you can’t go wrong with this. If you bought a 1G model, however, ignore this and enjoy what you have. The 3G should be a long shortly and you can upgrade then.