Finally, a reality show about ‘Rock Band 2’


This is kind of along the lines of the Onion’s World of World of Warcraft spoof, except that it appears to be real. According to a Craigslist post in the LA area, MTV is apparently looking for people to star in a reality show about Rock Band 2. So basically, a reality show about non-musicians with toy instruments pretending to be musicians.

And with that, reality TV has officially hit rock bottom. And by “has officially hit rock bottom” I mean “will likely continue to decline in quality and original ideas while somehow rising in popularity for another 20 years until eventually every show on every channel is made up of half-ass contests where someone gets voted off at the end of the show interspersed with scenes of two girls in their mid-twenties arguing like middle-schoolers through forced teardrops and runny mascara about how they used to be friends but aren’t anymore.”

The show will apparently be produced by Mark Burnett, the guy you should be mad at if you hate reality TV half as much as I do.

[via Variety]