Wow, what a shock: Many users hate the new Facebook redesign


The new Facebook design goes live, what, this week or next, and plenty of kids—you know, the original demographic before the site was overrun by social media wonks—are none too pleased. As one of the early users of the site (I joined in June, 2004) I couldn’t give a damn what they do to it at this point. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all dumb zombie apps and other such nonsense.

Here’s a sampling of some of the fun anti-new design comments:

“EFF NEW FACEBOOK!!! i hate it!”

“the new design of facebook reminds me of myspace in a way because its so full of shit – i joined facebook because it was neat and clean and now they’re changing it to something thats annoying and confusing???? how stupid. at least give us the choice…”

“The new Facebook is messy, slow to get to the applications, when you set the applications you want them to be shown, they don’t show. I’m sorry, instead to looking forward to a new face it has been a step backwards.”

And so on.

But who cares what the users think, the Valley demands new hot FACEBOOK.