Games industry still doing well but growth slowing

It’s not exactly cause for investors to throw themselves out of windows, but it seems that the rapid and sustained growth the games industry has enjoyed for the last few years is slowing down just a little. Such a small drop in overall growth is easily dismissible as a minor blip, but growth has been so strong for so long that to see it dip below its usual >10% month-over-month gain is worth noting.

Hardware sales are still good so it’s not a market saturation effect; my uneducated guess is that it’s simply a lack of high-profile games lately, and the fact that the leading systems (DS and Wii) thrive on first party titles which are few and far between, leading to slumps that affect that stats of the entire industry. I’ll tell you what though, when Mega Man 9 comes out, the world is going to catch fire.