Matsushita says it has the smallest DSLR yet; watch out Olympus

As is often the case in the tech world — and more so than ever in the realm of digital cameras, where smaller is almost always better — a world record has been superceded in a matter of months. Actually, I’m suprised Olympus wasn’t passed up earlier, no disrespect intended. Matsushita is the champicidal maniac in this case, claiming its new DMC-G1 is the smallest DSLR evar. It seems to cost twice the price of the deposed former record-holder, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for that.

We won’t know for sure which is smaller unless we hold them in our little hands or, if drastic measures are needed, take a bath with them and check their displacement. Don’t worry, we’ll keep the lens caps on. Look for the DMC-G1 after Halloween.