Mint-like Kublax launches working beta

Kublax, a winner of Seedcamp 2007 and effectively a European competitor to Mint and Gazeo in the US, has now launched officially.

Using Bank level security, Kublax automatically pulls together usage of all bank and building society accounts, credit cards and puts each line of income and expenditure into flexible categories. This is then displays visually to make it easier to see how your money is working – or not. Calendar and Alert features can be used to trigger events. But the killer feature is showing users where they are paying over the odds relative to fellow users who match their profile. More features are planned along these lines.

In February it won a further round of undisclosed angel investment from Digitalents Capital, Five Ventures, Omnis Mundi Invest AG and The Accelerator Group (TAG) in February.

Although technically a competitor to Mint, a TechCrunch 40 winner last year, Kublax’s business is relatively safe since banking is so regional across the planet.