We have to ‘stay tuned’ for Skype on the iPhone


Where in God’s name is Skype for the iPhone?

The best Mr. Malik could get out of Skype CEO Josh Silverman was a “stayed tuned.” Great, thanks. Maybe while we’re waiting, while we’re staying tuned, one of them there indie developers creates an absolute hit of an iPhone VoIP app, leaving no reason for us to keep waiting for a Skype app. Then what, Skype?

I do like how Skype is all, “we need to be available on all cellphones, and not just limit ourselves to one platform.” Fair enough, but when that one platform is the iPhone, it makes sense to put a few resources into coming out with a app as soon as possible.

And yes, perhaps Apple (or AT&T here in the U.S.) is playing hardball, doesn’t want you to use Skype over 3G, or have the app be able to run in the background. That’s fine. Just release your app as Wi-Fi-only, get your blue little icon on millions of iPhones, and build an audience.