Yahoo kicks off Open Hack Day today

It’s no secret that Yahoo has been struggling. It seemed they went one way and the rest of the web went another. Well, fine. They’re big enough to take to take a few wrong turns. Now however, they want to get on the same path that others like Facebook and MySpace have been following. To do this they need to attract developers – developers that have been flocking to other sites such as Google or Facebook. But to do that, they need to make things easier for developers in the first place.

Earlier this year Yahoo announced the Yahoo Open Strategy (YOS), in which they plan to open all Yahoo sites. Their immediate focus is upon social networking, in that they hope to create a dashboard for users where their social profile is fully integrated across the Yahoo brand. Today and tomorrow they are hosting Open Hack Day in an effort to draw in more developers.

From PC World:

These include the YOS application platform and a preview of social APIs (application programming interfaces) that will let programs access end user data. The platform and APIs will be available only in preview mode during the event. They will be publicly released in the coming months, according to Yahoo.

Yahoo has taken a lot of heat in recent years, and the article goes on to make clear that they still have a long way to go to get to where they need to be. However, by opening up their APIs for developers (if only for the event) at least they are faced in the right direction.