Electrode-less headlights ecoluminate BMW race car

Ceravision has been producing a lamp system they call Ecolumination. Using microwaves to supply the energy, they focus the power into a small quartz or ceramic bulb. The company explains that because they are electrode-less, they last longer, while the technology provides high quality, energy efficient light.

Last month they worked their technology into the headlights of a BMW racecar and took it out for a fast test spin. They ran the test at Silverstone, the home of the British F1 Grand Prix.

Tim Reynolds, Ceravision’s CEO, explains:

“The automotive project was conceived to demonstrate the effectiveness of Ceravision’s Ecolumination lamps in the extreme environment of motor sport. Under test conditions on the Silverstone circuit, the headlights showed significantly lower energy usage than that of current headlamps or the projected savings from future LED lights.”

The company is now seeking partners to bring the headlights rapidly to market. You can check out more of the tech, here.