Enthusiasts bring TouchFLO 3D interface to a bunch of additional HTC handsets

The crew over at XDA-developers never ceases to amaze. This time, they’ve managed to snatch a huge chunk of the look-and-feel from the TouchFLO 3D interface running on the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro, repackaging it as “TouchFlo 2D” for use on an impressive number of other HTC handsets. So far, they’ve got it up on the HTC Elf, Polaris (Touch Cruise), Hermes (TyTn), Kaiser (TyTn II), Artemis, NIKE (P5500), Herald (Wing), Trinity, and Titan.

It’s all pre-beta and the process is a bit intense for the newcomer; if you’re new to CAB handling, tread with enormous amounts of caution or you might end up with a really, really fancy hockey puck.

[Via UnwiredView]