Pradovit D-1200 projector coming from Leica

Leica fans tend to be a dedicated, and rich, crowd and they can now add the Pradovit D-1200 projector to their stable of German glass. The widescreen native D-1200 unit thankfully sports an impressive ELMARIT-P f/2.8-3, 1/33-42 mm high-speed lens ‘cause the rest of the specs are so non Leica-ish. The 1,400 ANSI-rated lumens, 2,500:1 contrast ratio powered by a 220-watt FusionPlus VIDI UHP lamp are almost to mundane to be within a Leica product. I’m sure that the Leica lens does a hell of job though, so when this projo launches in November for a yet to be announced price, owners probably will not be disappointed.