Voilà le TechCrunch meetup in Paris

TechCrunch meetups are happening nearly everywhere. There is no reason they should not happen in France either, where there is a vibrant TechCrunch community (TechCrunch France is one of the main French blogs). The idea of a Paris meetup started actually very casually a couple of weeks ago as I was just twitting about it.

The response was immediate and passionate both from users and sponsors. Tickets were gone in a few minutes only (all proceeds will go to charities) and we are very lucky to have a prestigious group of sponsors for that first edition. Alven Capital Microsoft Idées, MediaStay, FaberNovel, AF83 SiliconSentier, Fotonauts et Tequila Rapido and Trefle.com.

The event is now sold out but we might have a few more tickets to give away in the next couple of days if some of you are coming to Paris (just shoot me an email and I will confirm in return: ouriel at beta.techcrunch.com with your name and company). The Meetup will take place next Tuesday, 23rd of September in Paris, in a cool wifi-ed location. About 250 people including French and non-French VCs, entrepreneurs, and bloggers, will show up to enjoy live DJ music and an open bar.  With a little bit of luck we will have a couple of celebrities showing up in Skype Live.


Alven capital

Microsoft idees

MediaStay Fotonauts