Clarification: Matsushita would now like to be called Panasonic

Cross-section of the G1 is on the right

Confused by the recent double posting of the Lumix DMC-G1? You know, the world’s smallest DSLR. Well, today in Japan, Matsushita officially announced that they would like to be called Panasonic.

Furthermore, a couple new details were revealed about the purported world’s smallest DSLR. For one thing, it’s not an actual DSLR. Panasonic actually eliminated the reflex mirror along with the optical viewfinder, so it’s actually a single-lens camera. The G1 weighs 0.85 pounds sans lens and tips the scales at 1.4 pounds with the included zoom lens attached. Even the electronic view finder (EVF) kicks butt with a display of 1.44 million dots.

The EVF adopts a field sequential LCD panel that displays three RGB colors in sequence. The frame speed (switching speed) is 180Hz, which is equivalent to 60Hz in a non-field sequential LCD panel.

When the user’s eye approaches the EVF to shoot, the output of the image is automatically switched from the LCD monitor on the back of the camera to the EVF. The user’s eye is detected by an infrared “eye-sensor.” The LCD panel on the back of the camera is a 3-inch panel with a resolution of 460,000 dots (480 x 320 = approx 150,000 pixels, counting RGB as one pixel). The monitor is movable and swivels 180° horizontally and 270° vertically.

The Lumix G1 is expected to retail for ¥90,000 or roughly $857 with a 28-90mm/F3.5-5.6. Tech On has a gaggle of other details if you’re interested.